Sams New Development, LLC (SND) is a full-service construction company based in Plant City,
Florida. Larry D. Sams is the Founder and Owner of Sams New Development, LLC. Larry holds a
General Contractor’s license and has been working in the construction industry since the early
1980’s. Larry has performed and supervised a broad variety of construction activities in the
residential and commercial arenas.
The mission of Sams New Development, LLC is to continue building a strong business foundation
through sound management and performance that will last for generations to come.
  • We are committed to using systems and practices that provide “seamless” interactions
    with our clients and vendors.
  • We are committed to safety and promoting a drug-free workplace.
  • We are focused on meeting the needs of the market through meeting the needs of our
    clients, delivering projects on-time and on budget.
  • We seek to forge professional relationships that will last for generations.
About Us
SND is focused on being a “systemically” and “technologically” sound company that is prepared
to work “seamlessly” with others professionals throughout the industry, such as: Architects,
Engineers, Vendors, Builders, Developers, etc..We have successfully gathered strength in the
areas of financial stability, business administration, project management and field performance.
I am a disabled African-American Florida State Certified General Contractor. SND is a small
business which I hold the majority ownership position. Sams New Development, LLC is a certified
W/MBE, and DBE entity.
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